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It’s not every day that a magazine publishes its 100th issue—but Middle Earth’s distributor, The World of Chinese, has reached this important milestone after 17 years of publication. We want to look at how an English-language magazine based in Beijing sustains itself and evolves into a multimedia platform (including podcasts!) for human-centered stories from China.

- Hatty Liu: Former TWOC managing editor, 2019-2023
- Liu Jue: TWOC co-managing editor
- Doug Hughes: International education expert

Middle Earth is made by China Compass Productions and hosted by Aladin Farré. If you have a China-themed cultural project like shooting your next documentary or look for a specific talent, please get in touch!

With thanks to Sean Calvo for music support.

author Aladin Farré

Aladin Farré is the founder and host of Middle Earth Podcast and a contributing writer at The World of Chinese.