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Total Recap: The Rise of Bite-Sized Cinema

From short summaries to full contextual breakdowns, movie recap videos are diverse, controversial, and wildly popular

In November 2022, Liu Ziwen missed out on a business trip and a hefty bonus because she hadn’t watched enough TV. The 29-year-old had seen her colleagues meeting with her manager during lunch breaks in their office to discuss House of the Dragon over the past weeks, but “I hadn’t seen it, so I just finished my meal [alone] and got back to work,” Liu tells TWOC.

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Amarsanaa Battulga is a Shanghai-based film critic, researcher, and associate editor of ChinaNauts, an online magazine on contemporary China. When he is not watching, researching, or writing about films, he enjoys playing board games, practicing classical Mongolian, and thinking about going to the gym. He cannot ride a horse.

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