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Photo Credit: Fengzheng Yisheng

How To Talk Like a Chinese Investor

Ride the roller coaster of China’s stock market with our guide to investor jargon and slang

Like thrill-seekers at an amusement park, China’s investors are used to sudden ups and downs. Nowadays, even young Chinese born in the 2000s (known as “post-00s”) are boarding the stock market roller coaster, and they’re bringing a host of new slang terms to complement the existing jargon of the financial industry.

To understand when the 过山车 (guòshānchē, roller coaster) of China’s stock market is heading for disaster, one needs to be well-versed in not only specialized stock market terminology but also the language of internet memes.

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author Sun Jiahui (孙佳慧)

Sun Jiahui is a freelance writer and former editor at The World of Chinese. She writes about Chinese language, society and culture, and is especially passionate about sharing stories of China's ancient past with a wider audience. She has been writing for TWOC for over six years, and pens the Choice Chengyu column.

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