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Illustration: Wang Siqi

From Star Signs to Four-Letter Codes: China’s New MBTI Personality Test Craze

From horoscopes to four-letter codes, China’s netizens are trading stars for MBTI personality test charts

Strings of letters have recently been flooding the Chinese internet. The reason? Netizens have embraced the MBTI (Myers–Briggs Type Indicator) personality test, using its distinctive combinations of letters to define and classify themselves and others, sparking the formation of vibrant online communities. Initially designed as a self-assessment tool to delineate personality types and preferences, the MBTI has found immense popularity in China.

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author Zhang Wenjie (张文捷)

Zhang Wenjie is a contributing writer at The World of Chinese. She loves to share the lifestyles, voices, and concerns of China’s Gen Z. She is also fond of collecting and displaying the flourishing slang expressions in the Chinese language.

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